StingRay vs. The Incumbents

In previous blog posts, “StingRay spin 100 yards” and  “Comparing StingRay – 60 yard shot” we have shown how our proprietary wedge technology gives any golfer more backspin with a lower launch angle on every shot.  We have also explained in “Why Spin Matters” why increased backspin and lower launch angle are the elements of a great […]

Notes from the testing team: Comparing StingRay backspin – 60 yd shot, 56 degree loft

In our recent post  “Notes from the testing team”we boasted the amazing backspin numbers StingRay produces on full shots.  Some of you might now be asking…, “But, what about shorter approach shots?  Can the StingRay wedge still help me on the closer, tighter approaches?”   So, we would like to boast once more and share […]

Notes from the testing team: Comparing StingRay spin – 100 yd shot, 56 degree loft

Comparing StingRay Spin – 100 Yd Shot, 56 Degree Loft Nearly every golfer would agree that one of the most aesthetically pleasing sights on a golf course is a wedge shot that hits the green, bounces once or twice, then spins backward. There is no mystery how to get a golf ball to back up […]

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