Lie angle for wedges

Dad joke alert.

If you don’t think lie angle has a significant effect on your wedge game then you are lying to yourself.

Dad joke experienced.

Choosing the optimal lie angle is not just for your other clubs, it’s critically important to taming your wedge game.  For those new to the game, let us first clearly define what is a club’s lie. As shown in the figure below, the lie is the angle between the shaft and the Earth.  This is how your club sole lies on the ground as you address the ball. The default lie for a wedge with the standard shaft length is 64° with larger angles are referred to as “upright” and lower angles are referred to as “flat”.  You might, then, go ask your local custom club builder to adjust the lie of your wedge by bending it two degrees more upright, or a half degree flatter.

So, now that we have our terms defined, let’s talk about why it is important to have your club bent into the proper lie for your swing.  Let’s say for whatever reason you pick up a club with a lie too upright for your swing. This might be because of your height, hand position, shaft length, or whatever.  It really doesn’t matter why. More importantly, with this upright lie the clubface becomes more closed. That will shut the face (some pros call this “hooding” the clubface) and cause a leftward miss for a right-handed player.  It’s also likely that the heel will drag at contact with the ground making the leftward tendency even worse.

Conversely, if you pick up a lie that is too flat for your swing the face is oriented more open at contact.  This opens the face, leading to a rightward miss for a right-handed player. Also, the toe is now leading at ground contact, which can make rightward misses even worse.  (Note to southpaws, the reverse miss tendencies apply for improper lies.)

We have designed our wedges to be incredibly forgiving thanks to ScoopBack technology, our choice of sole grind, bounce, etc.  But, there is only so much that can correct if you have an ill-fitting club. When your lie is optimized for the unique particularities of your individual swing – stance, height, swing planes, angle of attack – you will see the club can square up to the ball easily every time.  That will maximize the transfer of momentum from the head to the ball, make better contact, achieve the best benefits from TractionFace in spin and launch. All of that means your ball lands closer to the target, saving valuable strokes.

Indi Golf wants to make your individual performance the best it can be, to grant the gift of enjoyment for the game we all love.  Getting a great performing wedge that is properly fit is the first step to seeing immediate results. See your local pro shop or teaching pro if you think your club is lie-ing to you and robbing you of lower scores.

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