Meet TT

During the initial conception of the StingRay project, we made the conscious choice to make it the best performing wedge possible.  You deserve the best performance, after all. In that pursuit of ultimate wedge performance, we took the decision to not follow the letter of the rules of golf face grooves.  The results speak for themselves. StingRay is the best performing wedge because we didn’t constrain ourselves.

After we launched StingRay, we spent the next several months listening to our happy customers, as well as those curious about Indi’s promise to give golfers the best tools for their short game.  What we heard from some was the desire to bring the awesome performance of StingRay to sanctioned events.  So, we went back to the lab, CAD terminal, and practice range, applied what we learned from StingRay, and created another new groove shape and pattern that conforms to the rules of golf.

The result: StingRay TT, the highest spinning, best feeling, best performing wedge…other than StingRay.

(What does TT mean?  It’s not Time Trial, or Texas Toast, or Temper Tantrum.  Some say it stands for “Tour Tested” and they may be right.  It might not stand for anything at all, and just looks good in a logo.  Who knows?)

In order to conform to the rules of the game we had to tweak the design.  StingRay doesn’t conform, because the grooves are a little too close together, a little too deep, and a little too wide.  The rule makers also strongly encourage v-shaped grooves instead of our preferred shape. So, we had to dial back the aggressiveness factor just a little bit. Not a lot. Just a little. The data proved that we accomplished our goal: to make the best performing wedge that can be on the Conforming Equipment List.

Talk is cheap, so we assume you want proof.  Please, have a looksee at the big, beautiful charts below.  They really are the best charts, believe me.

Launch Angle

As you can plainly see, StingRay TT beats all the other guys’ best wedges hands down.  The only better wedge is its big brother, StingRay, but TT is not the jealous type.  He’s proud of his big bro, but is also a little smug about the fact he is being used on tour.  

*The Euro PGA feeder tour.  It’s still a tour:)