Notes from the testing team: Comparing StingRay backspin – 60 yd shot, 56 degree loft

In our recent post  “Notes from the testing team”we boasted the amazing backspin numbers StingRay produces on full shots.  Some of you might now be asking…, “But, what about shorter approach shots?  Can the StingRay wedge still help me on the closer, tighter approaches?”  

So, we would like to boast once more and share with our head-turning test results.

Backspin data from Foresight GCQUAD on 60-yard shots hit off a mat in dry conditions.  StingRay results shown in Red. Reference club shown in black.

With the StingRay wedge back in the hands of our resident scratch golfer hitting 60-yard approaches, the results were just as stunning.  First, we – at least those of us at Indi Golf who aren’t so accomplished at distance control – were impressed that he landed the ball inside a 3-yard circle on every swing.  Then, we looked at the backspin data from the launch monitor.  Compared to the reference club, StingRay runs up a staggering 10,000 RPM average on a 60-yard shot.  That is an eye-watering 5,000 more RPM with StingRay than a traditional face design.

Recall in our previous post the reference club was having difficulty surpassing 7,000 RPM consistently on full swings!  With a lower swing speed on a shorter shot, it now can barely break 5,000 RPM.  The average swing speeds on these shots was down to 60 MPH to maintain  tight control on distance.  Now, consider that even at this slower swing speed our StingRay wedge still generates the kind of backspin tour players generate on faster swings.  Cool, right?

10,000 RPM is more than enough spin to make a ball back up. So, even when you slow down a bit to hit a controlled approach shot, Indi’s Traction Face Technology is effective at imparting massive backspin.Your approaches will land on the green…and stay there.

Now, respectfully recall the backspin generated by the reference club, which is a likely stand-in for the wedge in your bag.  Do your approach shots roll off the green, or bounce past the hole for an impossibly long 2-putt opportunity?  Wouldn’t you rather have that shot bounce and back up for a tap in?  Kind of makes you think StingRay will quickly become a favorite, if not the best golf club in your bag.

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