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Watch the Interview with Andrew Spilman

A UC Riverside Graduate from Simi Valley competing on the Latinoamerica PGA Tour in 2022.


Tour Interview Transcript


So the big thing is when you're traveling Latin America and then even just all the tours playing right now. As I'm trying to make my way up through the ranks you're playing on different surfaces every week, so you want the wedge that's going to be able to perform from going through Bermuda, and going through easier surfaces like rye and stuff that week in, week out, you're going to get the same kind of level performance.

So that was a big reason why I was looking for new wedges when I started the season. And so far Indi has been really good. All the shots that are kind of gambles, you have to open up the face, you have to put spin on it.

I've had a lot more confidence knowing that the forgiveness on my misses is still going to allow me to have a chance to make par or birdie on a par five rather than worrying about the trouble if you don't pull off the flop shot or the spinning shot.


That's great stuff. So we appreciate all your support, Andrew, and best of luck this upcoming season.


Perfect. Thanks, Scott.