StingRay TT vs. StingRay vs. Competition

As you know, we recently introduced our latest product, StingRay TT, to the world.   This makes us all a little choked up, like sending a child off to college…Oh my, our little TT is all grown…

…I’m a little verklempt…please, talk amongst yourselves…

…Ok, sorry.  I’m all better now.

Let’s zoom in on the specific performance benefits that StingRay TT can immediately bring to your short game. When it comes to wedges, we are almost exclusively talking about backspin and launch angle, when we talk about performance.  So, let’s jump right into the data.

In terms of backspin, the StingRays markedly outperform the competition.  StingRay TT produces a little less backspin than the original, non-conforming StingRay, but that is what the USGA demands.  Sorry, we have no control over that. What we do control is how far we can push the envelope to bring you the most spin possible under those constraints.  StingRay TT still produces up to 25% more backspin on full swings than any of those other guys.  The chart below shows just how much more backspin you can get with StingRay TT compared to a popular competitor’s product, and our own backspin champion, StingRay.  The backspin data bear out a healthy increase in average backspin of the competitors, and statistical analysis (T = 0.000016) proves the gains are real.  We used the latest GCQUAD launch monitor to get this data, but we think you will notice the difference by sight and feel alone.


We know you already know this (Wedge Performance), but launch angle is probably just as important to hitting precise wedge shots as spin is.  Again, Indi wedges give you best performance in the industry. TractionFace technology gives you better grip on the ball, meaning the ball won’t slide or roll up the clubface on contact.  Another benefit of TractionFace is the club’s forward momentum transfer is far more efficient. This gives you lower, penetrating ball flights that are easier to gauge, and stick right next to the pin.


Another important aspect of performance is consistency.  Hitting outrageous backspin RPMs or low, penetrating launches are great, but doing that consistently every time is even better.  Notice in each chart how Indi Golf wedges perform with amazing consistency on every shot. That is no fluke, by the way. Our proprietary ScoopBack and TractionFace technologies were developed to assure that consistency always.  That’s why we say we don’t release a new product until it is the absolute best performing piece of equipment we can make. You don’t compromise on your game, and neither do we.


StingRay TT  is available now in 46, 48, 52, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60° lofts.  BUY NOW