Traction Face Design

Friction Surface

Indi Golf’s StingRay wedges have a texture that is specifically engineered to generate friction between the ball and the face.  This extra grip on the surface of the ball keeps it from sliding up the face, improving feel, lowering your launch angle, and achieving ideal spin.

Gain control over your short game with Indi StingRay Friction Surface technology.

Traction Grooves

How many times have you seen a pro land the ball ten feet past the pin and spin it back like it was on a string?  The StingRay wedge puts that ability in your hands. 

Grooves that run along the entire length of the face allow the player to enjoy unmatched spin no matter where the ball is struck. 

Due to the Traction Grooves technology this wedge is not approved for USGA competition play.


ScoopBack technology means off center hits feel better, go straighter, spin more and end up closer to the hole.

This is accomplished by optimizing the face thickness smoothly, in every section, across the entire head. When compared to traditional wedges, StingRay wedges have more thickness higher in the face. This is important to maintain energy transfer from the head to the ball, and also optimizes launch angle, and spin.

The ScoopBack facilitates Contoured Perimeter weighting which stabilizes the head through impact so that off-center hits do not twist the head. This means the ball comes off the face towards the target. Results’ being that the ball fly’s the same distance and ends up closer to the hole on a more consistent basis.

Spoiler Line

Moving all this thickness up can create a heavy top line that no golfer likes to see but our unique beveled spoiler line looks good from any angle. It looks especially good at address where you cannot see it at all. 

The look you love and the performance you need.

A Tour pro’s full swing with a wedge will generate over10,000 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) of backspin.  This is where Indi Golf’s “Greater than 10 to the 4th power RPM” mark comes from.  Spin rates over 10K RPM are proven to be ideal for controlling shots into the green. Indi Golf has designed the StingRay wedges so that golfers of any skill level can achieve optimal spin rates.

See how the StingRay >104 RPM can help your game improve.

Due to the Traction Grooves technology, this wedge is not approved for USGA competition play.



All-Weather Control
Moderate Surface Texture
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