Benefits of ScoopBack

Better Feel

Straighter Shots

Increase Spin

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The Technology

ScoopBack technology means off-center hits feel better, go straighter, spin more, and end up closer to the hole. We accomplished this by optimizing the face thickness in every section across the entire head. When compared to traditional wedges StingRay wedges have more thickness higher in the face.

  • ScoopBack is important in order to maintain performance and feel on mishits.
  • The ScoopBack design is not a muscle back or perimeter weighted but is a combination that brings the player the best of both worlds.
  • ScoopBack weighting stabilizes the head at impact, so off-center hits do not create unwanted head twisting. This means the ball launches straighter and consistently lands closer to the hole.

Why do off center hits feel awful and go nowhere with conventional wedges?

  • Conventional wedges mass is located low toward the hosel. Due to this balls hit out towards the toe sound, feel, and perform poorly.
  • Face thickness is not designed for optimal energy transfer throughout the entire head.
  • The upper portion of the face is only 4mm thick. The result being, shots hit high on the face lose energy and come up well short of the target.

Forgiving Wedges

  • Wedges are the one club you manipulate more than any other club in your bag. The added forgiveness of ScoopBack gives you confidence, and makes difficult short game shots easy.
  • ScoopBack technology optimizes the Center of Gravity to make StingRay wedges more versatile, maximizes the effective hitting area, increases the overall sweet spot, and adds forgiveness.
  • A larger effective hitting surface combined with ScoopBack creates great shots more often.