We Do The Research

At Indi Golf we have taken the time to understand what ideal launch parameters are for ultimate wedge control. Our engineers have used this data to design the highest performing wedges that will add instant performance and enjoyment to your game.

Launch Parameters

We have all seen the Pros hit that 60 yard shot which looks like it is coming in low and hot but then hits the green and checks up next to the hole. This shot has a launch angle close to 30 degrees and is spinning at a rate of 7500 RMP. The majority of Pros play this with a 60 or 58 degree wedge so how do they get the ball to launch at 30 degrees? This comes from many hours of practice and making crisp solid contact. The wedge grabs the ball and does not allow it to slide up the face of the wedge, which adds launch height and reduces spin. This contact and spin control is why the Pros are so good with their wedges and seemingly get up and down from almost anywhere.

For full wedge shots, pros launch the ball at 24.9 degrees and consistently spin the ball over 10 000 RPMs. The pros know that with this spin rate and launch angle when the ball hits the green it will not take a crazy bounce and will end up close to the hole.

Why are these launch conditions important to the average golfer? The wedge game is where shots can be saved and lost in an instance. If a player understands what yields the best control then they can make equipment and shot decisions easier and more effectively. This will help save strokes and increase enjoyment of the game.

Life of a wedge

Did you know Pros change their wedges out every few months? They do this because the wedge loses its ability to grip and spin the ball through repeated use. It is recommended that an avid golfer changes their wedges every year in order to keep consistent spin and launch performance.