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Improving your wedge technique is as simple as using an Indi StingRay wedge.

Indi StingRay Wedges grant any golfer the ability to spin and control shots like a pro.
If you want to lower your score, gain confidence, and bring more enjoyment to your game, then Indi’s StingRay is the wedge for you.

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Using StingRay will immediately show you how a good wedge game looks and feels. Over time, this will train your technique to improve your wedge game and lower your score. Lower scores, better rounds, more fun playing golf everyday.

StingRay’s big box grooves, larger effective hitting area, smooth feel, and forgiveness are the key to being able to hit great wedge shots consistently. Consistency gives you confidence to dial in the best technique, resulting in an improved short game.

StingRay 104 RPM wedges do not Conform with the Rules of Golf.
StingRay TT wedges Conform with the Rules of Golf.