What do YOU call your backspin?

Back spin is a fun and beautiful thing. As a junior golfer, on those dog days of summer, we used to spend hours trying to figure out how to spin the ball from just about every lie imaginable. Not only was it important to be the one who could spin the ball the most, but you definitely needed a creative term to describe and back up (pun intended) what you had just accomplished.

Almost everyone knows the standard terms and has heard announcers on TV refer to the sweet sight of a ball landing, taking a hop, and stopping on a dime or backing up several feet and making the crowd ooh and ah. “He put some good backspin on that Johnny, leaving a tap in for a birdie and a share of the lead” can be heard regularly on the weekends. You may even hear on the odd instance “Look at the Zip on that approach shot!”. These are to the point and not very creative. Imagine if the announcers used some of the things we came up with as kids and have heard from other golf nuts over the years.

One of the favorites and most used universally is Tour Sauce. This, obviously, comes from the envy that Tour Players can spin the ball at will, and we, as mortal golfers, desire to hit Tour wedge shots. Another everyday slang for this is Suck, or Suck Back, which is used by the player more often than not talking to their ball as it flies towards the hole. Another begging for spin term usually comes from the player asking the ball to back up once it hits the green. These are all great terms and you will hear them almost every time you hit the links.

Now for some of the more creative terms. For all you Star Wars fans there is nothing like exclaiming to your golfing buddies, “Did you see that Chewbacca!”, when the ball lands and comes zipping back towards the hole. Zip is another great term. This gives a great mental image of the ball stopping sitting for milliseconds and then backing up in a hurry. Last but not least, and usually used when a player doesn’t need or want spin is “Way to Zippidy do da that one”.

There are some obscure terms that, as I mentioned earlier, came from when we were kids trying our best to outdo each other. I still remember when this was said and getting a great laugh out of it. Imagine this, the ball is hit and flying through the air from about 60 yards. As it is soaring through the air my buddy starts walking backward with his wedge in both hands and about waist high. The ball hits the green takes a hop and then spins backwards about 15 feet. He turns to us and says “Now that’s some serious Smangdo!”

Whether it’s Backspin, Tour Sauce, Zip, Chewbacca, or Smangdo that you use, we all know that watching a ball spin back is a cool and fun golf shot. Add some coolness and fun to your game by sporting an Indi StingRay wedge. See how much Zyundia you can add to your game and become a Spin Doctor.