Why Spin Matters

In previous blog posts, (Notes from … 60yrd shot and 100yrd shot) we have shown how our Traction Face Technology gives any golfer pro-level backspin on every shot.  So What’s so great about backspin, anyway?

Well, it makes intuitive sense that backspin is what causes the ball stop and even back up when it lands on the green.  This is what we golfers call the ability to hold the green.

There is another more important aspect of backspin that may not seem intuitive, at first.  Long before your ball lands, it has to launch.  The dynamics of that launch determine everything about what happens in the rest of the flight path. The starting speed, direction, and spin of the golf ball will determine where – and how – it lands.  While it is pretty clear what influences ball speed, it may not seem clear that backspin and launch angle are closely related.  The reason: friction.

When a wedge generates great friction between the ball and the face, the angle of the launch can be significantly modified.  The roughness of the clubface and compliance of the golf ball contribute to a more complex interaction.  If you really dig into the physics you’ll find that the launch angle is a function of the forward momentum of the club, and the grip between the ball and face.  So, when the clubface has more traction it will force the ball to launch at a lower angle with more backspin.

The chart below illustrates this phenomenon well.  We had our resident scratch golfer hit full shots with our 56° StingRay and our reference club.  Notice how much lower our StingRay with Traction Face Technology launches the golf ball than the reference club.   In this comparison, StingRay is averaging over 12,500 RPM backspin and launching at 24.7° while the reference club is only producing 7,000 RPM and consequently launches much higher at 33.3°.  The fantastic grip on the ball created by Traction Face Technology transforms a high shot into a low, spinning shot. This also makes it feel smooth as butter…

This low launch, high spin combination is the mark of good wedge players.  It’s that shot you see the pros make on TV every Sunday: it comes in hot, skips once, twice, stops on a dime or backs up. Mastery of spin and launch means precise control of pitch, lob, and chip shots to get up and down from anywhere.

Traction Face Technology naturally creates the same launch conditions that pros strive for.  Put some thrill in your short game with an Indi StingRay Wedge. 

Add Spin to Your Game


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