The best performing, most forgiving putters in golf

Feel the power of high MOI, consistent roll speed, and unmatched forgiveness. From our blade models to our mallets, you can find the right putter for your stroke. Choose an Indi Golf putter and get lower scores consistently.

why do indi putters outperform competition?

insane moi

We have the most forgiving putter in golf with the highest MOI at over 7K. Our technology is better. Our design is better. Our materials are better, and you will be better too.

consistent roll speed

We combine Aluminum with Tungsten for a very stable putter through the impact zone. Which means putts hit with an Indi putter stay on line with a true roll.

unmatched forgiveness

Experience Superior Forgiveness in Every Stroke with Our Innovative Putters.


Want to understand the depth of our test? Read the full white paper outlining our test parameters, data, protocols, and findings below.