Out with the old and in with Indi. Receive credit and cash for your unwanted clubs!

Trade in your clubs and receive credit towards new Indi products. Have more credit than there are Indi products then we’ll send you cash.

Trade-in value is determined by real-time aggregated market value.



    1. Select your attributes to preview the values.
    2. Click on the ADD TO TRADE-IN CART button. Add as many items as you wish to trade in.
    3. Enter your contact info.
    4. Click on COMPLETE TRADE-IN PROCESS and you will receive an email confirmation with Free shipping labels and further information. 
    5. Once your clubs are received confirmed Indi Golf will issue a credit to be used for new Indi products.
    6. All trade-ins are shipped and processed by Indi Golf’s fulfillment partner Swing’em again Golf.