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We make the most forgiving clubs in golf

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Our wedges provide the best spin and accuracy on the market.

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Customer reviews
I have never spun a wedge like this before! Super fun. Feel is amazing. Do yourself and your short game a favor and get this wedge. Nice bonus that you can customize.
— Tom Gillford
I am blown away by my new Indi golf wedges. I have had 4 rounds in the 70s, all due to my ability to pitch to the pin then one putt. It took me a few weeks and a few buckets of balls to actually TRUST that the ball can stop dead on the green. What a game-changer that has given me a new zest for golf!
— Brian Smith / UGG Founder
Thank you indi! Finally a wedge designed to help a mid-handicapper's game (I'm a 15). Not only have I become automatic out of the sand, but I consistently get up and down from all around the green. Indi's design adds more spin to the ball so it stops on a dime.
— Marcus Ullrich / Woodland, CA
These Indi's are the best wedge i've ever hit.
— Craig H. Schwartz
Once one sees the ball hit and grab, it becomes addicting.
— Dean DeCrescenzo / The Hackers Paradise

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