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WHat makes indi Wedges better?

Our wedge testing shows that on average you will spin the ball nearly 10% more with our conforming grooves and 25% more with our non-conforming box groove. With that, you will also add more than 2 MPH faster ball speed, and lower your trajectory by at least a degree for total performance designed with our secret sauce to add forgiveness so that the off-center shots go further and land closer to the hole.

This is our wedge satisfaction guarantee.

We have hundreds of hours of testing and thousands of shots to back up our claims against the top OEMs in the market using a GC Quad Launch Monitor, Titleist Pro V1 golf ball, across 3,500 actual player shots.  

What makes indi putters better?

We have the most forgiving putter in golf with the highest MOI at over 7K.

Our technology is better. Our design is better. Our materials are better, and you will be better too.

We guarantee that you will make more putts and shoot lower scores.

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Precision Engineering

Every Detail Matters.

Highest Quality

We only use the highest quality materials

Incredible Forgiveness

We make the most forgiving clubs in golf

I have never spun a wedge like this before! Super fun. Feel is amazing. Do yourself and your short game a favor and get this wedge. Nice bonus that you can customize.
— Tom Gillford
Excellent grind on the sole. Very versatile for all kinds of shots and great spin out of the sand. I feel like I got my groove back. Thanks Indi
— John F.
I am blown away by my new Indi golf wedges. I have had 4 rounds in the 70s, all due to my ability to pitch to the pin then one putt. It took me a few weeks and a few buckets of balls to actually TRUST that the ball can stop dead on the green. What a game-changer that has given me a new zest for golf!
— Brian Smith / UGG Founder
Thank you Indi! Finally a wedge designed to help a mid-handicapper's game (I'm a 15). Not only have I become automatic out of the sand, but I consistently get up and down from all around the green. Indi's design adds more spin to the ball so it stops on a dime.
— Marcus Ullrich / Woodland, CA
Once one sees the ball hit and grab, it becomes addicting.
— Dean DeCrescenzo / The Hackers Paradise

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