What To Expect With Indi Wedges

Indi Performance Technology

ScoopBack technology makes off center hits feel better, go straighter, spin more, and end up closer to the hole. TractionFace grips the ball with 22 full face grooves for spin on longer shots and a diagonal micro mill pattern on the face for incredible spin around the green.

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Sole Grind Options

FLX is ideal for shallow pickers and those who play in firm conditions. The leading edge on the FLX is straighter for workability and shot-making with a tour inspired look. ATK is ideal for a steeper angle of attack and who take a little more turf. The leading edge on the ATK has a little more radius (curve) with a wider sole for maximum versatility and forgiveness. Both options are packed with the same Indi Performance Technologies, groove, and customization options.



Grooves that conform to the rules of golf and still out spin the competition. Giving players ultimate control over their short game.

Big Box Grooves


Our non-conforming SR wedges provide the most insane spin in golf. Designed to make everyone spin it like a tour pro.